why do people here not like CBD in their carts/pods?

  1. It's more about what these this stuff costs at dispensaries, for me at least. I can buy CBD online for pennies compared to dispensary goods. I don't mind CBD at all.

  2. That cbd if too high thing is something I believed in for so long then a month or two I’m sitting there way too high off some edibles and ripping my cbd and cbn vape did nothing to help 😅 it brings me down If I smoked some wax but not edibles I guess

  3. I personally like a little bit of CBD in my vapes. Somewhere around 3% to 10% CBD works best for me with around 70% THC. I have really bad anxiety so the CBD prevents me from getting too high. Plus the CBD/THC combo gives a nice “entourage effect”. I think dispensaries shouldn’t prioritize maximizing THC and provide more products with CBD/THC blends for those of us who actually use cannabis for medical reasons.

  4. If you do nothing but continually ingest THC, you are on your way to a bad experience...it will take awhile to get there, but it will come. This experience is what is known as CBD downregulation and it will have life feeling just blah to you. This is because you have not given the cb1 receptors in the brain time reset and upregulate before reingesting THC once again. When you use THC all the time and introduce no CBD, this is what is known as overstimulating the brain. CBD is what helps the brain to restabilize and upregulate itself back into balance. CBD is very medicinal, and very much a needed part of your cannabis care program...☮❤

  5. CBD in carts drys my throat out. Same when it has botanical terps. When it’s got a decent amount of CBD and it has botanical terps, my throat/chest stays dry and scratchy for most of the day. Why is it good to have CBD at less than a 1:1 ratio in a cart?

  6. CBD oil added to carts can sometimes make the carts harsh, or change the flavor. For SOME people, the added CBD, even though it’s a very small amount comparatively, is just enough to counteract some of the THC because of how it can flood receptors (usually only happens in high doses). Some of the cultivators, such as Klutch, have started using CBG instead of CBD to make the oils reach that 70% cap. CBG oil doesn’t change the flavor profile, or cause the harshness.

  7. But doesn’t CBD also have its own set of medicinal uses? I know personally I rather get something from a dispo than elsewhere in terms of weed

  8. I buy high quality cbd flower to medicate and mix with high thc flower. Im ok if its in the plant or a 1:1 for cartridges. But tbh if im buying carts im looking for high terpenes and if they are adding cbd isolate that doesnt help me

  9. It's viewed as "watering it down" cbd is usually cost effective but the real problem imo is the states 70% thc cap on concentrates it's usually forces them to dilute the product in some way as most extracts usually result in more than 70% thc .... with the ratio so low the cbd effect is almost negligible as far as the "high" but the physical effect of making the cart or concentrate is noticeable at almost any ratio.

  10. It’s cool when there’s like 15%-30% CBD and the rest of it thc . I stay away from the Gram carts because the gram and .84 Have the same about of thc . The gram ones have a bunch of extra cbd and fake terps

  11. If it’s just isolate than ya, what’s the point. But I think most of this is just part of the plant when you’re extracting concentrates.

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