Out of curiosity, how much per month on average do you spend on MMJ?

  1. My pain is chronic but the flare ups are what decide how expensive my month is going to be. I also have been spoiled by the effects of specific strains that help my pain but do cost a little more. This month I spent over $200. Not the most helpful answer probably. It really just depends on your medical needs and how those affect your dose.

  2. Without a doubt worth having your card to just use it in Michigan!!! Med shops up there have half the tax rate and significantly better deals and variety!!!

  3. Michigan is the way. Fuck Ohio. I had my card and used the Ohio dispensaries for maybe four to six months then got wise and started heading to Michigan. I never renewed my card. Pretty sad that I can't grow here, but I could go two hours east or west and grow to my hearts content. I'm currently looking at houses in northern Michigan. It's time for a move.

  4. Going up north to buy their $90 zips is a blessing, idc if it's mids. I can spend $400-$500 a zip at the Ohio disp to get an ounce, maybe two if I happen to be lucky enough to need meds on a sale day, otherwise I'm scouring menus to find a logical place to purchase... or, I can go up north and get 5 times as much for 5 times less than I pay here.

  5. For myself; if I medicate wisely, choose the right medicine, shop deals, a little goes a long way and the program benefits the individual. Everybody is different, though.

  6. I have a very low tolerance and no matter how much I take, it always affects me in some sort of way. So I usually pick up Camino Gummies and Petra Mints, smaller doses that my brain can handle. Sometimes I'll throw a wild card in there but usually I'll spend $120 a month.

  7. I absolutely dread ever knowing the total I’ve ever spent but I guess $300-400. Considering they just raised my wax prices idk wtf I’m gonna do. I’m not paying those greedy bastards $60 for a .84 so idk guess fuck me

  8. If you’re buying concentrates, you should definitely go to Michigan. Save your Ohio empty containers, bring them to Michigan with you and then swap out your meds into Ohio containers when you’re near the border as you’re coming back. Go on Michigans weed Reddit and find the strains you want and the companies that have better than their average stuff.

  9. Let’s say I get a .85 luster pod for $50-60 and a half oz for 80-120 every other week. That’s about 130-180 every 2 weeks so 260-360/month.

  10. It depends on your tolerance and how much you would need to use. I've been browsing online before I get my card tomorrow, and I think I'd be fine spending around $100 a month or less, depending on how many different products and routes of administration I end up finding effective to manage my condition. My tolerance is extremely low, and I've always been more sensitive to thc than most people. The first time I tried thc, a 1mg mint was enough for me for a few hours at a time...over a few weeks of that I got to where I could use 2mg at a time but then I had to stop for a month to pass a drug test and after that my tolerance was right back where it started. After I get my card tomorrow I plan on using thc in some form daily so I'm sure my tolerance will rise but I doubt I'll ever be able to take 10mg at a time.

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