$70 Certified Live resin pod - Poor Quality/Wasteful

  1. Looks like crystallization from the thc. Sometimes with a cart or pod like this you can use a hair dryer and get that to liquify again.

  2. I had SLH From butterfly effect did this lemon slushee also did this as well as my Arnie palmer all live resin and lemon womder if there is a pattern.

  3. Happened to a cured resin luster from them. They didn't even bother responding to my emails. Certified Trash. The carts leak out the bottom as well. They don't care.

  4. I've had Grow Ohio and Klutch pods that look like that Wasteful, indeed. Not sure what it is in the processing that causes it.

  5. It’s caused because they are not separating the diamonds from the terpenes, then decarboxylating the diamonds before mixing the terpenes back in. Thc-a crystallizes.

  6. Yeah this sub Reddit is trash. You speak negative against anyone they delete your post or comments. Should have a little bit of “freedom”

  7. I put mine in a sealed ziplock standing up. Then place that bag in a glass of hot water for 5-10 minutes. All of the material should be back at the bottom and ready to use again.

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