Laser Sword Space Monk by Galenas

  1. I tried to like it didn’t do much for me a light buzz lasting about 35 minutes. I’m Just going to go with batches vary and you’ll never know unless you try.

  2. Let me know. Very curious about this one. Always on the menu but never see anything bout it from buyers. Love sum of there other stuff. Dual og an the cookie strains r killer

  3. Wow it is a heady high but my body feels more comfortable than normal (linalool). I feel a bit hyped up which is also probably from working out recently, but this has made me very chatty and funny with my friends as I chat online back and forth (pinene, limonene). Kinda dazey focus if that makes any sense. I am productive but my face and body are chill (myrcene).

  4. This batch doesn’t seem to have near the terps or bag appeal of the batch I got a few months ago, judging from the pics. I really enjoyed the bag I had. Very strong, fast head high followed by mellow smoothness for me.

  5. You must not be big on doing your own research. Plenty of high powered strains from a few different cultivators. Don’t be ignorant.

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