G Soap Select

  1. I agree the Gazzungas is a beast, but for me, totally different effects than the G Soap. Gazzungas has a lot more head effects, imo. I will say, though, that I got 34.4% Tongue Splashers at the same time as 23% Gazzungas, and would choose the Gazzungas almost every time.

  2. G Soap is a great strain, and has become a favorite of mine. Hits hard every time, and tastes so good. Definitely hits on the indica side more.

  3. I pick up all three strains in it's lineage. Sweetness from the Gelato, slightly orangey, or citrusy from the Sherb, and slightly minty from the Animal Mints. Then all the scents combine into a weird (in a good way), dank smell that is hard to describe. Hope that helps. Lol

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