Who has the best live resin carts?

  1. Forget the uni pro, fuck that thing. Get a Vuber pen. Best adult purchase I've ever made. Read up about it it's perfect in every way. 60 bucks. Auto reads what temp it should be, which you can adjust. It tapers its temperature while hitting so it won't burn your cart. Old carts I had used on a different pen that got clogged, became unclogged when putting them on the vuber. It's literally perfect

  2. Buckeye Relief all day. Best 510 thread live resin carts. My current favorite is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake X Jelly Rancher. Super high in eucalyptol and tastes incredible.

  3. I picked up their Blood Orange Amethyst Libe Resin Cart a few days ago and was pretty impressed with it. Put my battery on 2.2 and the taste was incredible. I think I'll be going the cart route until they get better temperature control on luster pods.

  4. I got the Blood Orange Amethyst LR cart by BR yesterday and was very impressed. I used it on 2.2 on my battery and the taste was incredible. The effects were great too. Until the add temperature/voltage controls I'll be avoiding the luster pod for carts.

  5. After testing basically every brand. Research, experience, other’s reviews. Hands down the best live resin carts ( and live flower series are Airo and These seem to be newer Aura carts by hundred percent labs (I got the live resin pinnaple express)

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