Best strains/terpenes to help chronic anxiety & panic disorder. So far Klutch ICC & Lemon Dosidos are my favorite but I feel like something better for anxiety is out there. I’ve had 0% luck with sativas, mainly use indica and some hybrid. Thank you all for your help/advice!

  1. I have CPTSD with the fun depression/anxiety/derealization/disassociation/etc. I can’t do a lot of pure sativas unless there’s some CBD in there and not always then. But also certain heavy hitter indicas can give me the full body stone couch lock but set my mind and heart rate on a fucking wheel. Here are the strains that have worked best for me:

  2. I have a similar diagnosis and similar symptoms and wholeheartedly agree with your list here. I’ll add a few: -Black Jack by Growohio -Mint Julep by Buckeye

  3. I am careful about what strains I pick because I don't want them to make me anxious. There have been a few sativas that worked for me. Truffletini by Certified and Robots by Woodward were good to me. Robots actually was great for an active anxiety medication substitute while still being enjoyable. For Hybrids Electric PB Cookies by Galenas is great.

  4. Hey everyone I am using cannabis primarily for mental health purposes of PTSD/Anxiety/Derealization/Panic Disorder. Although it does have many physical benefits for me as well which is a huge plus. I’ve been on tons of prescription medications and sadly the only one to really help my anxiety is the benzos such as Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin that I was on a couple years ago roughly. I don’t want to be on those medications for a handful of reasons and know cannabis has helped me greatly with these things. I am just trying to dial in on more strains and what people find best to work for them for these symptoms. I just picked up some Firelands Northern Lights for the first time yesterday and have been loving it behind the ICC and Lemon Dosidos to my surprise. I don’t mind the heavy hitting sleepy strains to use throughout the day, I’m basically used to being tired all day from everything they’ve put me on in the past. RSO I find an amazing amount of benefits from but I don’t find it to be best for my day to day use until I get off work. Open to any recommendations!

  5. In addition to the indica strains, now that I can see what level anxiety you can get, organic Ashwaganda either in tea or capsule form is a really good adaptogen. It helped when I was having withdrawals from antidepressants. I found the organic full plant capsules worked better than the KSM-66 “standardized” version. I took 2000mg four times a day in addition to using high indica strains and 25mg CBD gummies during that time and it helped immensely.

  6. Have you ever tried any nano-emulsified or nano-encapsulated edibles? Grow Ohio (butterfly effect) makes an incredible dissolve infusion powder and Wana (buckeye relief) have amazing Quick Gummies. The Quicks are terpene specific so you can choose the sativa ones and have bliss/euphoria/energy without the anxiety. If the sativas are too much, they have a 1:1 with CBD that are awesome too and great for daytime use. These products hit like flower, so the effects are more reliable and repeatable.

  7. I did have Panic Disorder and I still have cPTSD and depression so I feel a little of your pain. I can use a lot of sativas now but when I couldn't O43, Super Sour Orange and Blue Dream were sativas that did me well. Indica wise: Lemon Dosidos, Northern Lights, True OG, King's Mustache and Bio Jesus come to mind as helping with said symptoms. Animal Mints and Animal Face by Woodward are great hybrids for my anxiety and depression but I have to do it in extreme moderation. Of course we all have different endocannabanoid systems so what may work for one may not work for another but it seems like we have somewhat similar taste in nuggies. Wishing you healing and Ss relief!

  8. I’m having a hard time explaining what I’m thinking, but I feel like I have always suffered from anxiety/worry, and have heard other people say that sativa gives them more anxiety. I know for me, Orange 43, high in Terpinolene, gives me the focus and motivation combined with other terpenes like myrcene,limonene,linalool relaxing and chilling me out at the same time. I would personally find a few 50/50 strain, note the terpenes, see how they work for you and then next time go more indica or sativa to find exactly what you want. Or you start at indica side and slowly go towards the middle. I’m admittedly klutch fanboy, but once you find what works, why change?

  9. Pineapple Upside Down Cake is great for both IMO. It is a hybrid. Also, Slurricane, Burkle, Sunset Sherbert and Triple Crown help my severe pain.

  10. If you’re wanting to mainly treat anxiety and panic, use the indica-leaning strains versus the high sativa-leaning strains.

  11. This latest cart I have of orange 43 is terpinolene/myrcene/limonene,caryophyllene,linalool. I don’t know of a much better all around terpene profile for being perfectly focused, relaxed, and happy, all at the same time. It’s good for morning and evening. I just feel like everything is good.

  12. These work best for me •Orange 43 •Ice cream cake •Electric peanut butter cookies •Layer cake •Josh D OG •Bubba kush •Kings mustache (Any true OG)

  13. Personally the Buckeye Relief PUDC is awesome for my anxiety. Specifically in my experience the 18-22% THC level with ocimene as the dominant terp (anything above at least 0.7 on the ocimene) Really helps me get into a good mood and stay there without being “foggy” It’s 100% my go to day time strain🤙🤙🤙

  14. I can say that anything indica leaning is what I'd gravitate towards I have PTSD as well on top of bipolar1 disorder sativa's luckily don't effect me with anxiety or paranoia. I have to say I must be very lucky that I see alot of people have issues with sativa's that have PTSD and other mental illnesses. Although when I'm having an episode or I'm just thrown into some really bad anxiety or night terrors indicas are what I have to go for sativa's def fuel it it's almost like I'm not even medicating. Now terpinolene Dom strains that help the most are grape head blue sour Diesel Durban poison and it's aero cart but sumatran sunrise . Those def help with everything physical and mental. Other sativa's that aren't terpinolene Dom super sour orange always uplifting, animal face heat locker is a really great one and it def doesn't seem to mess with my head. Now my girl friend is very touchy if a strain messes with her head it's over with she won't touch it again. But heat locker and blue sour Diesel she likes alot along with the sumatran sunrise. I hope this helped.

  15. Northern Lights felt like it literally lifted me up. Lemon slushee from klutch also has a surprisingly high amount of myrcene in it, which gave me a really calm couch lock that let me chill out.

  16. Riviera Creek Stambaugh Garlic Cookies would be my very first try. ALWAYS Lemon Dosidos--fabulous all around strain that tastes amazing, Pure Ohio Wellness Animal Mints. Ohio Clean Leaf or Firelands Banana Puddintain if you can find it. BR Garlic Breath works pretty well...

  17. Buy CBD kief. Add CBD kief to every bowl you vape. It changed my life. Don't buy it from the program, try a grower like Fern Valley Farms.

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