Someone posted a comment earlier about Klutch failing for mold. Does anyone have proof behind this? I love Klutch and if this is true I will be switching cultivators

  1. Could’ve been just one batch. Doesn’t mean all their stuff is moldy. It’s a living thing and variables exist. Still good stuff. Hell, I consider myself a pretty good cook but I burn stuff occasionally. If it fails for mold, it’s not sold as flower but can be processed.

  2. That stuff is also put in a bud box and remediated frequently by other companies too. Klutch doesn't do that though as far as I'm aware.

  3. Its a plant, it molds as long as it doesn’t make it to the shelves where fine. Also u should switch cultivators if all you smoke it Klutch I couldn’t Imagine having that little variety.

  4. I won't believe it until I see the report. Besides, if there was mold I doubt I made it onto the shelves. Klutch flower is all I've used in the past 9 months & I've never had a issue with quality except for the fact it's overly potent sometimes 😅🤸. I did have mold issues with Butterfly Effect triple crown & actually got bronchitis. I exclusively used BFE up until that point. That was approximately 10 months ago & I threw about the entire half ounce in the trash. I feel if a cultivator is willing to admit their mistake & replace the product they deserve to be forgiven. I believe standard wellness is the only cultivator that has a money back guarantee or replacement right now. Ohio medical marijuana patients pay a high price for our medication & the quality should be better in the program, but I'm just grateful I can legally use my medicine.😊🗿

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