Butterfly Effect Super Lemon Haze 3-Pack Luster Pod. BE/GO products 20% off @ Botanist locations today & tomorrow.

  1. One of my favorite strains by them. Layer Cake is amazing too. Hope they start releasing more Live Resin Pods soon. $142 out the door.

  2. They aren’t doing live resin luster pods because of the voltage on luster pods is too high. You have to go 510 to get SLH in live resin. I just finished one. Good times at 2.2v

  3. I got my first luster pod last week. I figured I'd give it a try. The flavor is very good, and it remains good the entire pod. Cherry Lemon G is amazing. Get that real good taste of smoking a good lemon strain flower but in a pod. I am going to continue to test some, as I find the deals on them.

  4. I’ve found very few pods I didn’t like honestly. I like rotating companies & it keeps me nicely medicated.

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