Galenas Chocolate Mint OG

  1. If Galenas quit putting their flower in smashable bags, it would probably look a lot less like brick weed despite here smelling strongly of delicious earthy myrcene with mild sweetness. Smooth smoke, definitely a strong stoning indica.

  2. They really fucked up some of this harvest of the chocolate mint OG. Ive seen some with amazing purples and greens and then I got one like this which was complete brick weed.

  3. Mine was brick weed. That along with Lilac Diesel, Garlic Snake OG. Was not impressed. Got it all at 20% off thank God. Like why so expensive, good weed god.

  4. I love this strain, it’s literally my go to and I would buy an ounce of it if I can afford it. I agree with the packing especially when Galenas is promoting such an earth friendly pledge you would think they would go a more sustainable glass jar vs an plastic package. However if they keep producing it I’m going to keep buying it because it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. I noticed again today how cleanly Galenas flower burns...nice white ash, minimal coughing vs my Klutch stuff which is not bad but certainly seems to make me cough more.

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