Wtf, Bloom?

  1. blame "shoppers" that need a friend and try to make one with the bud tender who really can give no shits, which then holds up the process. this and bloom has terrible management. please people! learn to use online menus so you can shop before you get in the back and hold up everyone while bullshitting for 45 minutes trying to decide rubbing your chins being indecisive. just my 2 cents

  2. Dude yes! The amount of people that do that are INSANE!!! They literally go back there and talk, check the entire menu out. Ask questions about every single product then go “let me get uhm……” then start the questions all over again! I’ve seen it countless times.

  3. These OH dispensaries not having express pickup lines is the dumbest thing in the world. I hate going to all of them and pre-screen patients that have a lot of questions to bring them to a different area or something :/

  4. True, but I think if they gave you more info on the website it might help. Down here in cincinnati the only info they give you on dispensary website is name, mfg. qty. and thc content. Sometimes very seldom there is a small write-up. But no info on taste or terpenes, growers notes, or pictures (in most cases). Some patients spending there hard earned money want to make sure they are getting something they like. The dispensarys are definately paying more attention to ohio rules and profit than they are worried about the patients waiting an hour or more in line.

  5. I live 20 minutes away from bloom Akron and don’t even check the menu. Went once and was told 90 minute wait and was told to go sit in my car. Yeah okay. Went to the botanist Akron and was in and out in 10 minutes.

  6. Yeah it’s pretty insane but the Strawberry Cheesecake I got is absolutely delicious! I’ll post a review soon.

  7. Yeah If Im not at Bloom within the first hour of them opening, I just go around the corner to the Botanist. Prices are higher but hardly ever any wait. Herbology in The Falls is just as bad as Bloom though

  8. This shit is crazy I've never seen shit like this at any of the three dispos I go to there are only three any ware near me two are 30min drives. Luckily there is one 3miles away and hopefully soon another one less than a mile away. Still have never had much of a wait with walk on orders or online always on and out, might have had 20 mins wait before at Columbia care if I remember right they was short handed that day.

  9. Bloom jn Maumee/Toledo isn’t horrible. I believe they started the express line for online orders. I typically order online unless they are out of what I’m looking for and I need a suggestion for a replacement.

  10. I will never step foot in Bloom Akron ever again after last week. Purchased a half oz of pow animal mints online for 30% off sale . Go there the next day and they want to charge me full price because my online purchase was made after they closed. Would not honor the sale price even though online it was still on sale and showed so in my cart and final price. They still would not honor the sale price . FUCK OFF BLOOM AKRON never again!

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