Are any of these pesticides anything to worry about?

  1. A lot of these "pesticides" are biological and natural, some are totally artificial. You'd have to search for studies of every individual one- inhaled or otherwise used like you'd have the flower- and look for safety data. I'm sure a couple of them have safety data but I'm too lazy to search up something like that to increase my anxiety over what to choose when the pesticide list for OH cultivators changes every single time I see it every few months.

  2. No. They really aren't. The stuff you buy on the street is laced with all sorts of horrible shit, not to mention heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and all sorts of other things. Even Michigan's mold limit is 10 times as high as Ohio's. The stuff you buy in other programs also probably has a much less strict pesticide requirements.

  3. I can tell you right now that sheet is nowhere near accurate. I had worked for 2 of the companies listed under no pesticides and I promise they’re spraying they’re plants and not reporting it. I’ve seen zerotol get sprayed on all stages of the cycle. I wouldn’t believe anything you read on here. There is no investigation done by the state to make sure they’re only spraying approved pesticides/fungicides. Any company in Ohio that claims they’re organic or makes claims that nothing is sprayed, is more than likely not being honest, as the state does not have a way to enforce these restrictions like they should.

  4. ESPECIALLY pure ohio. They had a massive pm outbreak a few years ago & have been blasting their plants ever since. My friend who is still there just confirmed with me after I sent him this list. He thought it was quite humorous

  5. I work for one of the companies that says zero pesticides. Not true. We use some nasty stuff. I don’t smoke our brand I know that.

  6. Multiple people on here saying this and I’ve heard it’s true as well form friends in the industry… stories about the “no pesticides” guys failing for pesticides while the ones that are honest about using them rarely fail for them. Hearsay as far as I’m concerned but not the first time I’ve heard that honestly.

  7. I don’t know much about growing, and obviously I know cultivators need to keep their plants clean and bugs away. But when you hear people talk about pesticides it’s usually negative things being said, are any of these to be worried about?

  8. I’m even wondering if this list is current. Many of these LLC’s have gone through different Head Growers. Wouldn’t they have a say in what gets used??

  9. Looks like a few growers had power mold issues. And possibly spider mites. From what they are spraying/cleaning the leaves and plants with.

  10. No and contrary to the whole au-natural movement, you def want some pesticides used to grow your weed instead of bugs all over and inside your weed.

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