Ancient Roots - Sweetz Inzanity 27.5%

  1. Ever since I became my households Flower Expert I've been trying to note every strain I try. My wife benefits from everything so she doesn't care what I put in front of her!

  2. Yeah that's really encouraging. AR used to regularly hit those kinds of terp numbers on all their strains. But they took a severe downturn in quality for the last year or so, with most of their bud struggling to even reach 1% total terps.

  3. Dudes and dudettes, easily of the highest terp numbers I've ever seen next to the Lilac Diesel terp profile. 24 mg Terpinolene...HOLY DAMN!

  4. Yep. Extreme terpinolene! I posted about this batch maybe a month ago. Ended up with two 5.6s. Such a great batch.

  5. Holy terpinolene. This has that super lime green color profile that I always love to see with my bud. Great stuff from AR 3% terp bud, if they keep it this way they could run up them digits

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