Motorbreath #15 from FarmaceuticalRX 🔥🔥

  1. This shit was awesome! Taste, smell, effects, and cure were all in line with klutch, woodward level growers. Amazing for a first offering. Excited to see what else they do.

  2. I've been excited for them to put their stuff out. I got to watch them build the facility over time. I hope they can put out some quality concentrates/vapes soon.

  3. Is it Motorbreath because it's got a nice gas flavor I hope? I want to find something the has legit gas to it. Everyone describes bud as gas but I want real gas. Not the equivalent to "awesome".

  4. Yep.. if done well, it's got a sweet/skunky sharp initial taste with a solid diesel/ chem exhaust fumes thing on back end..

  5. How does it smell? How does it smoke? Taste? I am actually excited to try this one. Seems to really be dialed for it only being their first go around in Ohio!! Impressive!!

  6. It's Chem on the smell but all OG on the inhale and exhale. So yummy, makes me all warm inside. Everything you'd want from an excellent Motorbreath. It actually had me coughing a bit lol I read up on them and their stuff in Pennsylvania, a lot of good things. Still, they seem like they are dialed in from go

  7. I got their Banana Kush today. Will post a review with my others a bit later but I'd say the Motorbreath is the better of the two. I like the Banana Kush but it doesn't have much taste or smell. Looks great and got me fairly high, relieved symptoms moderately. I get 30% off so not complaining but this should've been a few dollars cheaper for what it is, in comparison to other cultivator prices. Was 41.50 full price...dont really think anything in the program should be that high in price but we've beat that dead horse. Your Motorbreath looks great and sounds better than what I got. Mine also has half the terps as yours, so makes sense on the smell. I like how this company lables their products (Calm, Inspire, Harmony, Restore etc.) and they have a pretty good website.

  8. Super gas, the big smooth wasnt as good hut this was 5/5 better then klutch motorbreath, excited to see what they come out with next!

  9. No way I just went and got some last night and overall this is one of the better 10ths I've gotten It was grown great and still sticky and burns well. Idk maybe u got a shitty 10th but I'll say it's the best motor breath I've had.

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