MKX is coming to ohio, if you been to michigan you definitely recognize this brand.

  1. I remember getting these about a year or so ago on a Michigan trip and they were probably the worse carts I’d ever gotten to be honest. Really good price though. Granted, I’m sure it’s because they were distillate with botanical terps.

  2. The carts are dog shit, but the gummies aren’t bad. I hope them entering the market forces the other producers to lower prices to compete. Could be good for us patients

  3. Agreed, got some in MI last year and remember saying to myself to just stick with Plats or Terpene Tanks for cheapo carts

  4. Too bad they weren’t bringing their pricing with them. Last time I went to the dispensary I literally paid $100 for 1.7g of some diamonds and sauce. Meanwhile they get like 2-3 grams for $35 at the one place I’d seen online pry better deals than that even but idk just so annoying man. I don’t even want to know the total amount of money I’ve had to give the dispensary in one year just so that I could have some wax on hand for my back pain.

  5. Your last sentence says it all. It may be worth the trip north if you can stock up. We gotta do whats best for our personal situations.

  6. If you been to Ohio then you would definitely recognize that it probably won't be the same quality or price.

  7. I love MKX gummies. Those 200mg THC packs for $10 are fantastic up north. We won’t see that pricing here for years and years though. People seem to hate mkx though, say the owner is a gangster or somthing

  8. Yuck. I remember buying their products when I didn’t know any better with vape carts and if I get lung cancer one day it’ll be partly due to whatever the floral chemical painful shit is they put in MKX carts.

  9. I’ve had my fair share of MKX and while I love a quality discount or budget option, that is not what MKX is and I wouldn’t ever recommend them to a patient if they get away with the same standards here as they do up there.

  10. They are trash. The cart game is Michigan is so shitty, other than the price. I'll gladly pay 50 for .84 of live resin than 5 botanical carts for 100

  11. One of the worst carts I’ve bought from a dispo I got them dirt cheap tho. I bet Ohio still finds a way to charge us $50 for them lmao

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