Riviera Creek Garlic Cookies. 34.20/38.60%thc/thca (highest tested). 9/10

  1. It's delicious buuuuuut have you tried Farkas? Specifically problem child strain? 🤤🤤🤤🤤 I think they perfected it bc it's like the 3rd batch an the crystals on it you can see thru the dang bag...soooo yummy

  2. I tried their Pink Elephant the other day & it put me on my ass. I was trying to even out a sativa & it fr put me down for the count. Honestly, I was surprised how potent it was.

  3. Definitely, despite they'll never be held accountable because we are just happy to have access to marijuana that is reliable...

  4. Looks frostier than when I tried it in 2020. It put me to sleep, tbh it wasn’t an enjoyable high for me. Garlic Cookies will always be popular here because it’s so high in thc, often the highest on the menu, but the terpenes are so low it’s not worth it to me.

  5. Prob 20%, I hardly believe any company is producing 30 percent nugs in ohio .........sounds nice but I just know .....

  6. Hi buddy Oregon Medical grower owner here.. You are kinda right when we want to send strains off for testing there are normally 3 packages of testing to choose from there is usually a 400 dollar option that can put you in the 26-30%, a 300 dollar option which is in the 20-25% and for about 250 you'll get a percentage under 20%.

  7. You don't have to believe it. Yet it's still true ohio has better flower than Michigan. Yes it's a lil more expensive but I used to go thru a qtr every other day easy. Now I get 2.83 maybe 2 times a week. I smoke less and feel better.

  8. Yup. Idc what company weed it’s all pretty much same to me. I agree I hit one company’s 30 no different than anothers 20.

  9. These nugs are definitely 30%. Look at the crystals bro. Its around every part of the bud and the crystals look like sugar.

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