Unique terps on BR Pineapple Upside Down Cake x Jelly Rancher live resin cart (S)

  1. Juicy fruity clean dank taste. Excellent uplifter without stoning me at all. Eucalyptol is a terpene we don’t see represented in high quantities often but here it serves as a wonderful uplifter. There isn’t much data at all on eucalyptol, but it may be helpful for muscle and/or gut spasms, inflammation, minor pain, and is apparently a bronchodilator and/or a cough suppressant. Highly recommend this unique and flavorful cart.

  2. Eucalyptol is a 'minty' refreshing terpene with a cooling effect that is often found in wormwood, sagebrush, cardamom, rosemary, bay leaves, and sage, and yes, the eucalyptus tree. (eucalyptol and eucalyptus are chemically pretty much the same, 90% of eucalyptus oil is eucalyptol)

  3. I love the crosses BR has been doing but I wasn’t a fan of this one. Taste wise that it. It definitely gives off a pineapple pina colada vibe. The effects were on point though which is what means everything. Very uplifting and helped me focus.

  4. I appreciate your thoughts! I agree that the effect are uplifting, focusing and it takes a lot of purposeful chain-vaping on this cart to get the behind-the-eyes stone you get with most hybrids quicker or indicas immediately and I really dig that for my on-the-go use!

  5. I realized my Kangertech Evod VV battery only goes down to 3.2V which is still too hot for ideal live resin vaping. Nonetheless, this has been hitting at 3.2 like a champ- you get that big strong nose burn on the upper exhale. I ordered a lower range adjustable vape battery yesterday. Excited for even richer flavors and effects!

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