Anybody try GRMPZ from BE??

  1. Very tasty, and nice hybrid effects. You can definitely pick up the runtz, with a bit more berry or grapey taste to it. I will certainly buy again. Shoki is very nice also. More indica leaning, and again, very tasty.

  2. yep, for 30 dollars its a good budget night time strain. prominent "purple" flavor. not grape, but the fake grape candy purple flavor. very decent from butterfly effect.

  3. The dispensary I’m looking at has it listed for $44 a 1/10th. The genetics seem nice but BE in general makes me hesitate. The couple jars I’ve had from them a while back were mids

  4. Really wanted to try this flower but the closest dispo only had pods. Ended up with batch of Grease Monkey by Ancient Roots🤤🤤😌 great for pain without making you heavily sleepy. Would definitely recommend.

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