1. Aye I’m traveling to Indiana tomorrow and they don’t even allow marijuana at all but I still got my Dual OG and Snowball flower and my 2 Black Jack Pods packed up and ready to go lol

  2. Unless you roll passed a cop with your windows down and blow it in their face or drive impaired I can’t see how anyone would find out. I guess flower is harder to get away with than pods but are cops really out looking for medical marijuana patients that are “crossing state lines”?

  3. TSA unfortunately doesn’t patrol the interstates. The highway troopers do and he’ll be going through atleast 3 states where it’s a big no no.

  4. Somehow me and friends took stuff outta state on vacation just fine a couple years ago and none of us had cards so yeah idk. Funny how kids just being dumb could have turned into fed shit

  5. You could get a trafficking charge leaving the state with it. Prescription doesn't supersede federal law, look at Brittney griner

  6. I was too scared to fly with my luster pods. For any vapes, the batteries have to be in your carry on. My buddy said he just tossed his carts in with his toiletries and cologne and shit and had the battery separate. In reality, the TSA people are looking for bombs not vape pens. If they ask, you just say “it’s flavored tobacco”, they have no way to test it. When I recently flew that had just upgraded their machines at CVG (which is in KY not OH) and was too scared to take my vape pen, the TSA agent discovered my pocket knife that I though I had lost months ago, but had it in the pocket of my carry on bag, he was super cool, gave me the option to take it out to my car or throw it away, and I said “If you’d like a pocket knife sir you are free to keep that.” I can’t imagine if I had brought my vape too, I might have been fucked!! If I had driven I would have brought it with me, but I was too worried to fly. I don’t know if this helps you but good luck!

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