Klutch Luster Pod - White Truffle

  1. I always keep one of these on hand now. This stuff's straight knock out juice for me; couple hits and I'm ready to pass out. It's replaced Beneleaves' Hypnos + CBN as my before bed vape.

  2. Just finished off my Kush Mints pod. The second non-street cart Ive smoked and it was fantastic. Two big hits before I went to sleep and I dont think I moved a muscle the entire night lol

  3. Same! It was my first time copping that Animal Mints! That 🔥 hit hard! I love it! I'm debating going to the dispensary today, and I'm looking for a new pod to try. I like the sedation, especially with school starting next week 😬 I need to be able to just chill and sleep! Recs?

  4. Very light compared to normal but tastes the same & for sure isn’t LR. Must have changed their process. With 20% $47 out the door, good flavor & effects as always.

  5. I’ve only had it once and absolutely loved it. Had very strong pepper notes to it which was unexpected but welcomed.

  6. Ive never been a Klutch person, I really get turned off by how many ppl act like salesmen for the stuff. Might if try some if they changed the oil tho personally there c02 was weak and inconsistent some had good taste the others just tasted unterped. I wish Klutch wasn’t the most hyped brand for this reason feels like I’m missing out but every time I pick up a pod it’s just straight ass, like the worst stuff I’ve tried in the program by far.

  7. I for sure like some type of product from every brand. Some are for sure superior to others but terps & thc from different sources effect every single body different though. So I feel like everyone finds what works for them & their bodies after a while.

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