Some select disty, 9 bucks per cart at CC Dayton. Not the best and definitely not the worst.

  1. Yeah I think there are only a handful of brands I’d pass on for 9 bucks lol. The superstar is pretty tasty though, you’re right

  2. This will expire in a month, what’s weird is they never have these on their menu before a couple of days ago. Either way I bought a couple 👀🤣

  3. Herbology (Cuyahoga) does them for $40-45. They also have “buy 2 .5 carts, gets 50% off”. So 2 .5’s for the price of one plus tax on both. They’ve been blown out the water all week. Essentially $20 grams.

  4. Appreciate you posting this! I grabbed a couple today, one of the employees said they were just trying to get rid of old stock intially but they keep buying more because they sell so well at that price.

  5. I saw those! 😳 I had my cart full of their sale stuff... on Sunday. When they're closed 😭 lol so I went to Verilife and got some flower and carts... But I got this FS Dablicator- Salty Watermelon. Guys. I have no idea how to use it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Tbh I thought it was like a vape pen. I didn't realize it's live rosin. I went to the smoke shop and got a nectar collector and a torch... I watched a video on how to use it... I can't get a hit?! Help?!

  6. I’ve never had a nectar collector. I know you can use those as an edible if you’d like. You can also use them to refill carts and then you can use things like the nectar collector you bought also.

  7. I disagree, it’s been a game changer for specifically onset of migraine pain in my life since I got my card. 9 bucks VS my medication for migraines that got me around 3-4 days of medicine a month for 200 bucks..

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