Does dispo weed really differ from GOOD street weed?

  1. There is def good pot out there on the BM. That being said, the whole point of a medical program is being able to dial it in and consistently get exactly what you need & not just “what’s around”

  2. This exactly. It’s no longer “this is what my dude gave me, sorry it’s indica this time”. Being able to find the perfect strains and terpene profiles that work for your own body chemistry and other medical needs is what we have.

  3. Thank you. You can tell who’s interested in using marijuana medically and who just wants to get High because they all only look at THC percent and don’t care about where the tests are coming from, terp profiles, and so much more.

  4. Great point. I do wish there were small cheap samples of products so we could test before paying premium prices. This would eat away at your days though.

  5. Taking into account that no situation is as ideal or perfect, yes, it does differ, if only in the context of the consistency that can be reliably achieved.

  6. There's deals to be had. The only catch is you actually have to pay attention to the sales that the different dispensaries run. Unless you're the mac daddy big baller of the year and have the hook up holla if you hear me, high quality Street medicine is roughly the same price when you buy on sales. There's perks to buy from a dispensary over the street. For one you don't have to wait for that phone call or someone to answer. Have to stay at their house because it's suspicious if you leave as soon as you got there . At least with concentrated product you know you're not getting unsafe shit. Me personally I'm just old and tired to be playing kids games to get a bag.

  7. Definitely getting to old for dat shit! Sometimes I feel like one of those extreme couponers looking for deal days. Than the day gets here an dispo has no inventory till sale day is over. Than they flood the menu wit it. So still kinda playing the games. Just not as bad

  8. Dispo all the way ! All the hassle of finding killer on the street. Dealing wit idiots at sum point n the chain. Worrying if u will find the kill or settle for something else cause ur getting tiered of fucking wit it. Dispo always has sum kill , always sum kind of deal somewhere. N an out wit what I want not whatever I can find. Than start dialing in what works best for you. This can b very expensive but so much fun! 1 an half yrs later I know what I need to get to function. An still get to experiment wit stuff I could never find on street around here SE oHIo! I Love the program! Like everything it's not perfect. Prolly never will b. But it's been a huge help for me! Really couldn't imagine life without it now!

  9. I'm in the same boat as you and same area (Athens) however I do have some dudes with home grown that can't be beat price freshness everything but with that said the most consistent one is an idiot and really doesn't know his ass that is my big thing is the ability to get what I want when I want it in and out no hassle def. Now wish I had more than 45days cuz I usually kill those in two weeks maybe three.or atleast I've been blessed as of late and that's how it's been.

  10. I think in certain aspects absolutely. Potency is potency but there is something to be said about knowing what you’re consuming is exactly what it’s said to be.

  11. At least at the dispensary people don’t run their mouth and rob you lol. They sorta do financially but you signed up for it and you at least get a small bit of premium shit to go with it lol. Nothing but scum on the streets in my experience man

  12. Wayyyyy better than the old school way where you had to co Thur a guy it was a hastle and some were hard to even deal with others were cool but I'll take the dispos anyday Even if I pay a little alittle the Peace ofind it provides is worth it because before I would always worry about if I'm going t ok be able to reup cuz you never really new what they had till you seen it and thats hit or miss with no selection or credible info on what strain it is the terps the percentage ECT

  13. I'm my experience unless you have a grower to buy from the dispo is way better in almost every way convenience quality consistency selection lab testing. That being said if you know a good grower you will have good options and there bud probably will be better because it's small batch indoor grow,it's a lot easier to maintain 5 ,10 plants compared to 500 so I really think that's the difference but I've also seen growers that grow shit weed and think there an artist or something so it just depends on your situation your options and where your at in the country ex. East cost west cost ect

  14. I prefer medical bc like another person said, I never have to question if it has fentanyl or if it’s low quality. I’m not just saying oh this is a good bag every trip is fire and hand picked based on my wants and needs 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Nobody is going to lace your weed with Fentanyl. Do you know how expensive that would be? The whole weed being laced thing is a scare tactic. It doesn’t happen at near the rate people claim. I’ve worked in mental health and recovery for 5 years. I’ve smoked weed for 16 years. I’ve never came across laced weed and I’ve never had a patient/client claim they’ve had laced weed. My job is literally to interact with addicts, get their life story and help them achieve their best selves. I feel like if someone had a bad experience with weed, it would be something I would hear about. I’ve had over 200 patients/clients over the last 5 years. Throughout my entire life I’ve never had any of my friends claim they’ve had laced weed either.

  16. Yes. Most weed on streets is Indica or Indica hybrid. I hate indica. When I get High I want an uplifting high from sativa. All the sativa I've ever got from dispensary has been great. I'm so glad I'm done with the street weed/mystery weed.

  17. So let’s talk prices….My buddy pays $200 / oz for some decent stuff off the street no stems or seeds. I’m in the program and got a half for $135 of GMOz smalls. So you know like 35% higher than street prices?

  18. idk where you're located at, but go hit up Pure Ohio Wellness. I know the Dayton location sells this sativa called Hikers Blend for like $70 a half or something crazy and I've heard nothing but AWESOME things about it. I'm going for it next week. (Tried all the expensive stuff and it's just cool packaging and hype, fucking expensive daddy Woodward won't even give you terp numbers)

  19. I switched to dispo because I like knowing I'm actually buying Northern lights and not what Jimmy and Steve say is on the menu this week. Pft.

  20. There is some excellent bud in the program, but there are definitely some experienced street growers that have genetics that would kick the ass of most of what the medical program sells. Those same growers are only gonna have a couple of strains available however, so if you really need the diversity of specific strains, dispensary is the way.

  21. I personally use the medical card to access quality caregiver Bud up north. That way you are still able to dial it in based off what you need for what ailments, but have the opportunity for stuff that’s actually grown with care. Can definitely tell the difference...I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this comment but it’s the truth

  22. I get good street weed all the time that looks better and smells better then alot of ohios medical weed but everytime I get some icc or sherbhead etc it reminds it's not as good as our top shelf strains . They just hit different . Every now and then I get some that is amazing . But I also like knowing exactly what my weed is . What terps, What type, Etc so that's another reason I like dispo weed from ohio or pre packaged dispo weed from Michigan

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