which FS strain?

  1. Man that's a tough one. Tallyman is a staple but the switchberry is on point. Only problem is switchberry is usually very dry and needs a Humanity pack for a few days. But it hits me hard and taste is very berry. I haven't seen fresh switchberry OG in a while. I thought they were discontinuing it. But I've bought it plenty of times it's good .

  2. I haven't tried the Switchberry yet. I have some Salty Watermelon, but I haven't tried it yet! All the good reviews are making me feel like I need to do that ASAP 💨

  3. Salty Watermelon or Chem OG are the two best strains they have. Not a fan on tally Mon at all, little effect and tasted like underripe bananas. Switch berry is ok, not really worth FiSci prices though. Maybe if it was some curaleaf prices or old pal.

  4. I agree, im not a sativa person but salty watermelon is still one of my fav strains from them. I thought tally mon was pretty good tho.

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