Getting a medical card ?

  1. Yep I'm actually experiencing pain in my shoulder from a rotator cuff injury and after a few questions I was approved. They never asked for any documentation from a doctor, just took my word for it. Got it about 4 months ago through Ohio Cannabis Connection, phone consultation and no video call.

  2. Anxiety isn't an approved diagnosis last time I checked. 😕 If you can prove any kind of Pstd..or pain for long periods that qualify as chronic. They did have appointments that if you thought you may have ptsd they would help an give you the diagnosis. Not sure if that's still available. Something to check into. It's honestly super easy and if you've made an appointment. They'll help you get the documents you need.

  3. Got mine today by saying migraines. Go through nuggmd claim migraines or chronic pain. They put you through to a video call with a doctor immediately it’s $139 but so quick it’s worth it. Just say you’ve tried various over the counter pain meds and they don’t work and people you know have suggested it. Don’t even need that much of a story.

  4. If you’re going through NuggMd you can literally tell them anything. You will be approved 90 seconds into the conversation with the doctor over a video call.

  5. I get really bad right knee pain from running. I did a lot of sports in middle school highschool. Would I need to get some kind of form from like a primary doctor first? Or just tell them in interested in trying since ibuprofen/Tylenol doesn't work for me

  6. Use Ohio cannabis connection or NuggMD, say you have chronic wrist pain from a snowboarding accident. Or you you have insomnia and it’s the only thing that helps

  7. It is about the easiest thing ever. You could practically say you have a hangnail and you’d get it. Choose something on the condition list. Say, arthritis, and then say it’s chronic.

  8. Anxiety is not an approved diagnosis but you can get a ptsd diagnosis from a doc in your med card appointment if you go through Ohio cannabis connection. Super easy the appointments are 15 minute intervals and you don’t have to say much

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