Who is your favorite for luster pods?

  1. Try the Klutch luster pods! I love them so much. Get yourself a good motorbreath or ice cream cake if you're an indica person and I promise you won't be disappointed. I feel klutch has the most variety of pods

  2. I was disappointed with both of thoes the icc tasted good but had no effects and the motor breath tasted like just oil with no terpenes but actually had effects.

  3. My fave so far has been Wyldeflower’s Supreme Diesel. I also love Klutch’s Heatlocker, and hon’s Purple Gelato. Did not like Klutch’s LR pods at all. Looking forward to trying BR’s!!

  4. Firelands live resin pods are solid. I’ve had galenas elixr pods and like them as well. Klutch is great but I truly prefer to use a 510 in a low voltage battery like a yocan uni.

  5. I just grabbed the new batch of pure Ohio pods at body and mind and they are def fire and I’m a klutch guy all day. Wish Woodward made some luster pods 😂

  6. Klutch and Grow Ohio (Butterfly Effect). I personally enjoy Butterfly Effect more, but Klutch does have some nice strains!

  7. As others have said, Klutch is at the top of the list. BE is my second, but most full spectrum carts in our program are good. I try to usually buy what’s most affordable and Klutch’s oil is the best bang for your buck imo…and they’re usually a few $ cheaper than BE.

  8. Gotta go with klutch here! I like grow ohio but prefer klutches strains and like where they source their genetics from.

  9. Oh man! I forgot I’ve had an ICC by Klutch. Definitely a good one too, but I do like BE above them. Klutch is a solid second

  10. I love grows flavor. I’ve found that some extractors in the state really struggle with getting their flavor on point and not having their C02 extracts taste like they were boiled in a huge vat of biomass.

  11. Klutch. Have the Ice Cream Cake right now and I'm digging it. If only Retrograde made it's way into a luster pod 🥰🥰 that's my fav but it's only a cart

  12. BE and firelands and pow Certian BR strains is the best for me. Firelands pods are extremely effective and burn it a much slower rate. Taste/terps are a bit lacking but not by much Pow price the hell out of me. Just be careful not to get their distillate and get the full spectrum ones. I had wedding cake. It was fantastic

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