Looking for recommendations on glass storage since so many come in plastic.

  1. Lol WR schrom was the first purchase I made in the program and I’ve been using the jar ever since, great jars! If ur like me and like to use the leftover jar from a flower purchase I’d say besides WR/BR, Klutch and Harvest have good ones. Or just buy some mason jars

  2. Mason jars, why fix something which isn't broke. I've always wanted the glass jar w/the magnifier built into the lid. I'd like to see Ball offer custom made jars in the future.

  3. I really like the containers from Ohio Clean Leaf halves. Easy to open flip top black plastic. You can fit 6 in a regular shoe box with a small tray on top. I normally add 3 humidity packs around the inside perimeter and fill the middle with up to 28 grams of flower. I then label the top with the strain.

  4. Yes mason jars are the way and if you need nice little confused mpacy ones Walmart sells some that are super cool they look like the qt. Jars but are 3 fld oz or 7.5mil jars really cool little guys I painted all mine and they hold a quarter little more if you want to pack it full ofc this varies with bud type still you get the idea. Or just go with classic quart jars.

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