Tried luster pods and they all taste the same

  1. You’re getting some hate here, but I tend to agree with you. I prefer flower but rely on 510 carts for when I’m out and about. I made a jump to Luster back in March and haven’t bought a 510 since. The effects are better with the Luster pods for me, but the terps just don’t come through as well.

  2. I would agree there are too many strains with limonene and caryophyllene in first two spots, and weird how some are sativa and some are indica.

  3. Lemon slushee is best vape I’ve ever had any kind any brand. I tend to only buy Indicas but this one gets me good. And it absolutely taste like lemon slushee. But yea, just like strains of actual flower, a lot of them taste the same

  4. I have a BE live resin mac n cheese and also a BE layer cake luster pod. They are way more rough on my throat than flower and they taste the same as any oil cart/luster does to me.

  5. I tend to agree. Blackjack used to be my favorite, now it’s not, klutch is crushing the terpenes. O43, whip it, jealousy x apricot gelato live resin, have all tested better and worked better.

  6. My opinion is the opposite way around klutch had good motor breath when I tried it the first time but the seccond tasted just like oil with no terps and the third I had gave me zero effect but had the taste.

  7. They really do not all taste the same all of kultchs line are different tasting can't attest to the others cause I don't fuck with them.

  8. Have you tried buckeye relief live resin ? Everyone here bashes Buckeye, but their vape carts are the best tasting in the program. Doesn’t have that weird taste too it.

  9. Grow ohio and klutch make good lusters. The rest are trash imho. Especially firelands, every flavor just tastes like a forest floor.

  10. What brands? What kind? What flavors? IMO most have their own specific flavor/taste, specifically butterfly effect and pure Ohio wellness lusters.

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