Not the end of the world but hate how expensive all the stuff at the dispo is and to not even be accurate also not the first time this has happened 8.49-8.32

  1. It’s off by 2%, not sure what the margin of error allowed is. Someone else posted one that was more like 10% short, and I’d complain about that.

  2. Are these the same companies who calibrate other things for the state? I don’t trust shit they say or put out. So, yes I would trust my scale more. Ohio cannabis market is a scam ran by big business. It sucks and watching people defend it also sucks.

  3. Firelands is the biggest culprit in this in my experience. Grabbed a baller jar of rosin yesterday and it was .2 short. Sad cause spending $30 more woulda gotten me double the rosin in Michigan only 2 hours from my place

  4. To be fair, your "gdealer" scale may not be 100% accurate, either. We can't pretend that these 20-40 dollar scales are professional weighing tools. Even the "5 gram nickel" test isn't really going to prove your scale is accurate down to hundredths of a gram.

  5. The $9 Ooze scale I bought from Bloom is spot on every time. Scales are scales, it’s a simple machine. Buckeye Relief is corporate trash weed. Of course it’s under.

  6. yeah for how much they charge, there is nothing worse than getting ripped off on the weight and not by a 1/10 of a gram either. i've had it close to 1/2 a gram before.

  7. People talking about Michigan anyone close to the Michigan line… GREEN LAB PROVISION is a newer medical dispo only about 15 min from Toledo. They also kinda work with rise as far as selling some of their products but they grow and extract everything themselves. I was able to get 1g LIVE rso for 37!!!! Was also able to get a gram of live hash rosin for I want to say 45!? Don’t quote me also their sativa flower just won high times best sativa (lilac diesel). I will say, I much prefer Ohio flower over Michigan. As far as concentrates go, and PRICE of flower in Ohio Michigan medical is superior but I have found some of my most helpful flower strains in Ohio, unfortunately. I hope this helps someone. Your doctors can see when you refill your “script” of cannabis and my doc noticed the difference in How much was in my system compared to what I’ve gotten in Ohio which is all he can see. He asked me if I was going to Michigan and i am a bad liar and I said I am for my concentrates told him where it was and that it’s medical (he is pro cannabis) and being disabled I cannot afford Ohio prices even with discount. He let me slide but of course everyone knows. It’s a felony to drive over the line with it. 😣

  8. Seen this exact thing with multiple brands; Certified, Buckeye Relief, Supply, couple others too just can’t think of their name (basically all the brands I’ve tried)

  9. So..I invested in a scale when I first got my card because I went to my friends house for the weekend who is in Michigan. He said that is not 2.83. Omg it was 1.89 🤦‍♀️ STILL my fav strain though in Ohio so I still buy it. I think that you can reach out to the company I have heard of klutch making things right with people for the weight being off which was their fault. Also I’m sorry my meds have kicked in I see this seems to be about concentrate but it still stands. Off is off.

  10. That's surprising because Buckeye relief is always one of the few cultivators whenever I get a 10th is always over by a little bit. Last sour blue diesel I bought was over three

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