Seeing a lot of negative comments about botanical carts and lusters from Buckeye relief. Why? I’m not very educated on botanical terpenes if anyone would like to explain.

  1. Botanical terps are usually from flowers/plants/fruits & if you have allergies you definitely don't want to gamble on these

  2. There isn't anything wrong with them, they are just an inferior product in some eyes. They usually taste better or sweeter but definitely lack the full effects.

  3. Botanical terpenes just provide a flavor and aroma, you do not get the therapeutic effects you would from cannabis terpenes

  4. And always ask which ones are cannabis derived terpene carts are ( usually ones not called botanical ) but cannabis derived terpenes are apart of the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana . Obviously anything from a cannabis plant is . But just even the taste and the aromas make you feel a certain way once you think about it

  5. Cheaper product, they are made with distillate which is the lowest form of concentrate because it strips all terps from the plant.

  6. I’ve had every luster pod in the program. Don’t listen to the botanical snobs. The buckey relief cantaloupe crush is the best tasting cart I’ve had. Packs a punch too and their pods last way longer then Klutch. Bout to go grab 2 more and some summer pop pods. I max out my credit every month and am more then please with the new buckey relief pods.

  7. Just got one of the summer pops. Usually only do single strain lusters but am happy with it. Carries as much a high as an O43 or ICC from klutch imo. Saved $10 in comparison too

  8. Because people like to complain. If you want your cannabis to taste and smell like cannabis and buy full spectrum or a distillatebwithbcannabis terpenes If you want to be able to secretly vape your cannabis in public without anybody knowing buy botanical terpines

  9. From my understanding they're actually against the law in Pennsylvania now. I believe they are not allowed to add any additives that are not FDA approved or something

  10. I got mine for like 32$ cheapest lusters I’ve found. I thought they were decent and I don’t love botanical terps.

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