Anyone else tried these Rosin Pods? Thoughts? Got this yesterday at Harvest Beavercreek. It’s LA Kush Cake crossed with Strawberry Cooler & I must say, it’s straight 🔥⛽️

  1. I love the draw on these new devices, and the rosin is absolutely amazing. Tastes so good, it hits right, and it is SO smooth. No burn or cough. I do wish they would come out with a rechargeable battery with a lower or adjustable wattage for pods, so there aren't so many batteries being thrown out.

  2. I really like the way it hits and it tastes like a straight up dab. I liked my luster pods but this might be my new go-to. Hopefully they keep them coming!

  3. Same pods the black market uses for rosin!!! Took OHIO this long to figure this out!! All live rosin pods I'v gotten for years were in these!!! Heard the guy that made them is consulting for cart companies now in other states!

  4. They're live rosin, so they're pricier. They are .5 gram, and $50. That said, Fireland's live rosin carts are $50-60 depending on where you go, so comparably, decent price. Especially since you are paying for the battery every time.

  5. There are rechargeable CCELL Luster batteries available. If they are not rechargeable, they're not authentic CCELL batteries. They're knock offs that fit the Luster pod.

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