Going to get 4 of these today. not sure how good they are! i’ve heard mixed opinions but i want to form some of my own!

  1. You’d be better off buying a good battery that’ll last you awhile so you’re not confined to just disposables. Will pay for itself in one trip. If you’re in Cincy I can point you to a shop where you can get a new uni pro for $25 out the door

  2. Please tell, I’m interested in one for live resin carts. I use lusters but hear the voltage settings are klutch for live resin.

  3. Heck I got one of those pride stick batteries from Rise for $3.50 and works great. Now my Firelands Phoenix Nest batteries ( i bought 2 😠) doesn't work well with thicker oils and was much more expensive.

  4. It’s a disposable distillate pen that’s going to last you maybe 50 hits. It’s 7/10, baby. If you’re going to spend $60, grab a couple discounted live resin carts and really have yourself a good day.

  5. i had a cresco last time but my battery broke when i took it out lol. im only getting disposables because i don’t want to buy a new battery lol. i heard this strain was the best.

  6. I bought a 500mg super lemon haze for $20 from that same company yesterday and it is fantastic so far. It tastes like lemon gummies would lol very nice high from it to.

  7. I second this! I could not believe how close it was to the strain for what little it cost! Did the job too. Mine did seem to burn up a little quicker than other 300mg I've gotten but I could be wrong on that, it had been awhile since I had another one.

  8. It's rechargeable. I got one on sale for like 13.50. still hitting and does the trick. Always have a luster in my pocket too though. Currently got a blueberry cookies pod by galenas. Not bad at all!

  9. i feel pretty nice, i used to only smoke D8, Thc-O, D10 since i moved to an apartment bc black market is terrible and i can’t smoke tree here. Feels nice to find a cheaper brand that makes me feel this good.

  10. I bought 2 carts from them to try at 30% off. Pretty meh to be honest. Grape goji tasted like I was vaping grape koolaid

  11. i was thinking the same thing, should of been $64 but it was $80. they said they couldn’t do the deal today but gave me a few dollars off. i was kind of upset but i just wanted my shit so i sucked it up and paid.

  12. I got them and liked them they seemed to go out pretty quick though. Roach by beneleaves is the best disposable

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