First time trying galenas

  1. Well you picked some of my favorite strains by them to try 1st! I loved the shit outta the dual OG! Super sweet and unique. I wish I could find bigger bags of it. The electric peanut butter cookies is probably my all time favorites tho! That shit is super different and hits the spot every time

  2. The EPBC has such a unique smell, I was very surprised. I was even more happy with the effects, probably the most happy and uplifted I’ve felt from weed with literal zero anxiety

  3. EPC one of my top 5 of all time. Gorilla Nut…Biker Kush…Blueberry Cookies…Snowball are pretty solid.

  4. EPBC and Dual OG are both fire and I try to get either if I can find them in artifact. I just recently copped their lilac diesel artifact jar and it’s now a fight between EPBC and the diesel. If you can swoop the lilac don’t miss out

  5. The Chocolate Mint OG is pretty disappointing. The EPBCs are a really good daytime sativa, Dual OG smacks decently hard.

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