Light house sciences AIO diamond disposable 🔥🔥

  1. I have both they are the same exact vape, my problem child vape lasted well through the oil but the AR vape has seemed to have gotten weaker I really gotta rip it.

  2. Okay so I have bought 3 AR Rosin Disposables (1 Grease Monkey and 2 Squared Away), and 1 of these pictured Lighthouse Science cryo-diamond vapes (mine was Problem Child x Disco Lemonade or something) I have gone through 2 of the AR vapes and the 1 LS ones and each one went through all the oil. Definitely a fear of mine on these disposables tho. Maybe I got lucky.

  3. Lighthouse Sciences chiming in here. Ours was a custom job from the factory to do two things: One have enough battery (oversized from stock) to make sure there is enough juice to get you through your oil. Honestly it's got enough punch to get your through 1.5g of oil by my calculations. I have yet to have a patient contact us to say it died before they finished their oil, but if it ever does happen don't stress we'll take care of you. We stand behind our products 100%. You never have to worry that we'll leave ya hanging :) Lastly, as ours uses a lower temperature setting from stock (medium low temp vaporization, 485F) it's gentler on the oil and lasts longer. Also maximizes flavor. It does not negatively affect potency. In my testing I found lower temperatures while effective for medicinal effects, the oil was not heated enough to flow well. Higher temperatures had an impact on flavor (for the worse) and causes burned oil towards the bottom half of the reservoir. If you do ever end up with some oil trapped on the sides at the end that isn't heated enough, don't consider it wasted! Simply use a hair dryer to warm the oil (gently!) or put the device in a ziplock bag and warm it up under hot water, until the oil flows back towards the intake ports on the coil head.

  4. Yeah that's one of my all time favorites. Blend of Blueberry Headband and Racefuel OG. Really nice vape.


  6. The next batch of hardware slated to arrive mid/late sept has charging ports! They just weren't able to get 'em for us the last order "covid related supply disruptions" (sounds like some bs to me but what do I know) Either way, we will have that going forward!


  8. I'm soooo disappointed in this! I was so excited after reading about these, as I hate paying AR prices, and I love lighthouse extracts. Alas, when my dispo got a problem child diamonds disposable, I immediately copped it! First reaction: taste, effects are amazing! Thus is my new favorite (A few hours later, after almost HALF the oil is gone, while I've barely been smoking it, and now every time I inhale, it bubbles and pulls oil through mouthpiece. 😪 Way to ruin my day, lighthouse.

  9. Replied to your other comment above. This is not how the device should be functioning, and likely you have some sort of issue with the wick (not your fault!). Shoot me an email at

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