Bloom Dispensary: Charging more at Columbus location for FireRock than other locations and highest in State for FireRock.

  1. Many other dispensary’s in Columbus to shop at besides Bloom. They have always been overpriced and the turnover at the company is ridiculous. New management every other month.

  2. To be clear im not saying "don't buy it if you don't want it." I'm saying "no one for any reason should pay this price, fuck bloom."

  3. Firelands Scientific has raised their price on Woodward’s to $91 before tax. Ridiculous! They have raised all their prices across the board. I used to drive a hour and a half just to take advantage of their sales. With their now high prices, and the price of gas, no more. I will stick to the 3 dispensaries within 15 min. of me. Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls just had Woodward’s minis for $43.

  4. I’ve found they seem to have the cheapest prices for carts. Are there other places in Columbus cheaper?

  5. I agree 100% with ya, I just added that for the people who are struggling to get by and need the medicine. It's a shame the dispensaries and the state are taking advantage of sick people with the prices and who ever created the "Ohio eighth" needs a good slap.

  6. It’s because they include tax on their site and others don’t. Too high still but you can get it 20% at sunny side pretty often. Sunny side is my go to.

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