what?!? I didn't know they had Luster pods now!

  1. Gelato is my all-time favorite strain and I really wanted to try this…until I seen that it’s distillate with botanical terps :(

  2. Their listers will all be botanical. Because of their deal with airo, strain specific oil must go in 510s or airo carts.

  3. They are distillate with botanical terpenes, and yes, they have thc. Same as their botanical carts. Must have just dropped.

  4. Is there a difference in like CO2 extraction? Just got into Lusters and got Klutch & Firelands and both have CO2 and taste great. Glad I saw some negative comments before I picked these up tomorrow, but would like more info

  5. I just picked up 2 of these at my local Dispensary, they have a decent taste effects come on pretty quick, made me cough like a mf. Smooth though got mine 20% off

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