FYI to anyone headed to herbology in cuyahoga falls.

  1. They will lie to you saying your order is bagged and ready, have you wait over 2 hours and when you get in the backroom to get your stuff they tell you they bag everything as people come in. Never give these fucking morons your money and encourage others to never give them money. Is over 2 hours and common sense worth saving 20-50 bucks??

  2. Bit the bullet and went to Herbology Cannabis Company River Rouge Michigan today and well I'll be going there on a monthly or bimonthly basis. 2.5 ozs 4 packs of gummies and an eighth of some moonrocks. 15% discount since I have my Ohio medical card tax is a little higher than here. Still all in including the gas for a 450 mile round trip was $355. I'm a very happy guy 😎

  3. Hearing about some of the issues you guys have at dispensaries makes me grateful. Mine is always chill and quick.

  4. Huh there was a line at downtown rise in Cleveland first time I have ever seen a big line the guard said it was the holiday and just the timing

  5. They used to be good with the online orders getting right back and out quick, but now it’s such a joke they make everyone wait. Last time they said I was good to go back and didn’t mean to say it and the security douche yelled to get back. I always do online so what I want isn’t gone when I get there and like I said it use to be quick. They need to designate 1-2 registers just for online orders and keep ish moving

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