For all my Northeast Ohio Woodward lovers… Herbology Cuyahoga Falls and Rise locations got a sale…. Just loaded up my cart with blue berry cheesecake minis and animal face minis.. place y’all online orders early before it’s gone

  1. And it’s idiotic that Rise changes their list price $9 higher than herbology. Then only does 20% off compared to herbology having lower list price and 25% off.

  2. I just picked up some of the True Og minis. I usually pick up some Klutch as I think they are a good grower. The options were reversed this time and woodward was available as was some BR king’s mustache, i have been wanting to try them for a while now so it worked out. I would highly suggest grabbing the true og if available it’s on point for sure.

  3. Woodward has good taste/smell but all the ones I have tried from them have had Larfy non dense buds. Not impressed for the prices they asktoo. Think klutch has better quality around

  4. I don’t look at as a medicine and I’m a patient lol I smoke weed with or without this program so a little more than $10 a gram is good to me

  5. Maybe you'll be able to grow your own two years from now if congress stops blocking the new OH MJ reform bill in place. Sign it and do something about it.

  6. Not only that but woodward in northeast Ohio is 5 to ten dollars cheaper on fifths than here in central (Columbus)…. So the sale is more like 30 percent off technically….

  7. Man that's a good sale! I just picked up some Woodward Ultra Freshies Mini's from Botanist yesterday. And It's super terpy Dank. And the buds are chunkers too. A nice cure with Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene for dominant Terps. A very even Hybrid for sure. If you like Gas this is the one.

  8. This place is a fucking scam. I called to make 100% that my online order is bagged and secured before I waited 2 hours in line and then these brain dead morons tell me they're bagging them as people come in. It's not just this biased situation, countless people can't stand this places bullshit

  9. Right? Does chipotle start making your online order after you wait in line and tell them your here for an online pickup? No they pre make it and its ready so they can take your money as fast as possible and get you in and get you out. Win win.

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