Cherry Lemon G - Firelands Scientific Pride Rainbow Jar

  1. Do they donate some proceeds charity? Otherwise it’s just another insincere money grab by a company that couldn’t give a shit about the actual cause

  2. Firelands have multiple different labels like this and donates to multiple organizations. I know one is orange for traumatic brain injury and they’ve done pink for breast cancer. I’m not really a fan of most of the flower I’ve got from them, but they seem to be focused on giving back to their community which is neat.

  3. why are yall praising this company for this? they do this to get you to buy more and to pretend to be on your side belief wise. It's weird to praise a business for something like this

  4. But it supports gay people. How you might ask well don't get caught up on the semantics and just buy another jar look how shiny it is.

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