Anybody have Woodward customer service link? Was shorted on a 5.66 batch of grape head and @96$ a 5.66 is expensive so I don’t buy it much and I come back bc I wanted a good sativa everybody raves about and… short. Any help is appreciated

  1. Not too much short it weighed 5.55 but I still would like to contact them and let them know that this happened also I know it’s not much really but it’s almost 100$ after tax a 5th i know some dickriding people gonna say “that’s like nothing stop complaining” but for a medical program with regulations and that this should’ve been on weight. I don’t get discounts and shops rarely have sales near me so I don’t have much luck and they’re usually on par so I wanted them to know

  2. It sucks feeling like you got shorted but in this case something so small I would just chalk it up as part of the game. Scale discrepancies, bud drying and things like that should be factored in to some degree. Yeah it would be nice if they did everything a little over just in case, but I don't think this is actually short. At least not something I would try and rectify.

  3. I was just simply trying to email the company to just let them know I’m not searching for any type of refund or anything like some of the people commenting on this post seem to think

  4. I’ve learned that if flower has certain terpenes it makes it indica sativa hybrid but overall it’s more sativa leaning I can feel forsure

  5. People love to downvote anyone who complains on here but yeah we're overpaying by a massive amount, you deserve to get what you paid for.

  6. We’re at least fortunate to have the medical program in itself, it will catch up in time. California and Vegas have massive populations and brand money that funnel into their cannabis market. Cali has a year round outdoor growth ability, and the more popular recreational states are typically allowed to import and export product.

  7. People love to say anything when it comes to this shit to think we’re complaining about the littlest bit when some don’t have access really to any other option but Ohio and don’t want to take the risk to drive over state lines with “illegal drugs” or whatever state police say it is and then we have to pay over the top prices and when we’re short it’s “oh it’s not allot stop complaining” I wasn’t upset at first but now I gotta rant and I paid for what I should’ve gotten and got less no matter how much less it was still short 😂 and people say oh stop complaining how about shove a stick up your ass and try and walk straight🤣 and thanks for that link brotha I’ll check it out ina bit🤟🏽🤙🏽

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