Best Indica cart?

  1. It wouldn’t let me post right now I have big head by klutch but I’m really looking for a sleepy time cart

  2. Don't sleep on cbn when looking for help sleeping. I was desperate and bought some 1:1 thc:cbn capsules and 2 of them knocked me out. I think 50mgs....

  3. You want a good sleepy time Sunday driver by klutch will def make u sleepy also Motorbreath Josh D not the reg klutch MB for some IceCreamCake (ICC) the flower puts me down some but the pod didn't but def does for others. Also 100%labs makes carts that have cbn and that is def what u want for sleep, now I haven't had them but I'd say they are worth it.

  4. Thanks I usually rock sour blue diesel from br flower and cart… but I need something to help me sleep better

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