Picked this mini fridge up off amazon for $30 to hold my dabs. For all my fellow patients using concentrates: I highly recommend! keep the terps fresh!

  1. It definitely doesn't work like a normal fridge, more just keeps stuff "cool". Its built for a few sodas, works great to keep my stuff nice and ready without sitting out in this heat.

  2. I got one from Walmart not long ago for $15. Like you said, it just chills stuff but definitely great for concentrates. Not too cold at all

  3. I got one of these and condensation built up on the inside coming from the screw holes in the back and got all my jars wet. It made puddles. I only ended up using it for a couple weeks before i switched it out for a more expensive one.

  4. Yeah I’ve got one of these, the Coke one. I have to take a rag and soak up the condensation at least once a day. I tried leaving paper towels on the bottom to soak passively but there’s too much liquid. Works fine for actual drinks but I don’t like to store my product anywhere even remotely damp so it stays a drink cooler for me.

  5. Those small, hotel-minibar-sized mini fridges are perfect for storing concentrate in while keeping some munchies in there (I opt for cold Reese's).

  6. Holy shit I have an Astro ai that's black that's identical to that and I store a few cans of pop on the bottom and the top row is klutch ancient roots firelands and lighthouse scientific there absolutely perfect arnt they!

  7. I had something like this (pretty much exact model) just fair warning it will leak if you have it running 24/7

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