Donny Burger Discussion

  1. I tried the gelato zkittlez cake and it was really nice all around. Would definately try more of their products. It was pricey though. $84 for 5.66

  2. Comment to get attention because I too have been super curious about the strain seeing how popular it’s gotten

  3. I'm with you friend. I just tried it the other day and I must say I was way more impressed with it than garlic cookies. It is very pleasingly pungent. Good Indica.

  4. Have you tried Riviera Creek's version, Lost River? It really was nice! So pungent. Haven't tried Superflux, myself, but I plan to soon.

  5. It tasted so good because of those onions and garlic, my friend. Can't put the blame on the condiment, or the accompaniment! 😉

  6. I agree. I have definitely noticed dispensaries pricing products according to popularity. I absolutely hate that prices are so messed up. That being said, how do you like the strain?

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