Never buying verano wax again. You can see it was clearly stored on its side and all the terps are in the lid/on the outside of the jar… any hopes on getting my money back for this?

  1. With Verano, first you contact the dispensary. If the dispensary says that it needs to be moved over to Verano, contact Verano using this link:

  2. You need to contact the place where it was purchased. It was obviously stored improperly there. Verano has nothing to do with the storage.

  3. Oosh.. saucey stuff is such a crap shoot.. my suggestion is grab a spongy bud and mop that all up, crack open your grinder and make your own moon rocks. That's what I do, since there isn't much else you can..

  4. i was also just sharing my experience for anybody shopping for this. do you think it is the dispensaries fault or verano’s fault?

  5. I’d take a hair dryer and blast some warm air over the closed jar and see if you can melt the goodies back down in the jar with their friends

  6. This exact thing has happened to me with a Klutch product. I contacted Klutch through their website, attaching photos of the product, along with a copy of my receipt. It took a week or so for them to respond by email and offered to send a prepaid visa card for the amount of the purchase. They said keep the product as it was still usable. Have not dealt with Verano but method should be the same. Dispensary advised I contact Klutch as they were unable to assist in any way. No products can be opened in the dispensary even after you pay for it. It's a crap shoot every time. Fortunately it has only happened to me once.

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