Sour Blue Diesel - Buckeye R.(21.87%) One of the tastiest & best smelling strains in the program!

  1. I bought a potent half zip of smalls recently and I have been blown away. Rotating between Locally Grown Garlic Cookies and BRs Sour Blue Diesel, daytimes are happy and I sleep like a baby.

  2. Yeah sour blue diesel is very very good I think lime sherbet might be the tastiest from BR out of the strains I’ve had also looks like you got a better batch than mine

  3. The terps are nice in this batch I haven't had this one for a few months days reset next week might have to with numbers like this.

  4. My medicine llc .com they don't ask questions. They want money. 79 bucks out the door. I just renewd with them. Good luck.

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