Lack Luster Pod. Grow Ohio Live Resin Super Lemon Haze.

  1. My wife and I were both screwed out of pods with remaining oil because we had them longer than two weeks.

  2. This is my last luster pod. The company offered to refund me if I jumped through all the hoops, but the last time i had an issue over 1.5 years ago did, they sent a gift card that is digital and I still haven’t been able to use it. I don’t get my day back, and can’t use it on a replacement product. This is my last grow Ohio pod for now.

  3. The dispensary can give you your day back if you show them that the cultivator refunded you. You would just need to show the manager or pharmacist.

  4. I’ve been using klutch and while I had one live resin leak out of the many pods I have used over the past year and half, and both the dispensary and klutch were willing to refund me. Since the dispensary took care of me, klutch mailed me some swag.

  5. Mine too. I got burned on the same one. Won't buy another single Grow ohio product. Didn't even bother with a refund, since I got the idea on here that it would be a waste of time. Fuck Grow Ohio. Greedy bastards

  6. You get days back when you take product back to the dispensary. Cultivators are regulated by commerce not BOP. Rules on on refunds are regulated by the state.

  7. Mine went straight to black after a week not using it… I haven’t went back to a “pod” or vape since…. RSO and flower from here on out

  8. That sucks..I've had Lusters sit for months after smoking half and never had any issues with discolored oil of them not working..Currently have Blue Cheese and Shoki both are fire..

  9. My live resin Blueberry vintage did the same thing. I contacted support and they told me the pod had unfortunately burnt out. I send them all the other info they require, except for the original receipt because I couldn’t find it. I tried emailing the dispensary support to get a receipt. I still haven’t heard back since from either.

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