burning through luster pods

  1. I’ve switched to firelands scientific’s luster pods and I’ve noticed that they go slower than any other pod I’ve tried. Idk what it is about them, idk if they hit harder so I hit fewer times, or if the oil is somehow thicker? Idk but I’m getting an extra day or two out of them and great pain relief

  2. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to me! I’m definitely going to start looking out for higher CBD blends. I was thinking of trying the FS shark shock to pair with my lusters

  3. Get a 510 battery that goes below 3.0v. I use a yocan, theyre sold at most vape stores. It goes down to 2.0v, I set mine at 2.2v-2.4v. I used to go through a luster every 5-7 days, now a cart lasts me 10-12 days and tastes soooo much better. I think a co2 cart at 2.2v tastes better than a live cart/luster at 3.3v.

  4. I was burning through pods much faster than carts. I stopped buying pods for a while but picked up an FS pod and it burns really fast. Think I’ll stick to cartridges

  5. The pods burn through oil faster than 510's, for sure. I bought one cause of the hype and I've tried more than I can count, yet it just ain't for me. 510 lasts much longer I think.

  6. I don't use luster pods but I do get 1 gram carts they last me 2 days tops and I smoke a dab or 2 of rosin a day and maybe a bong rip of some good flower

  7. I don't really notice a significant difference. That said, maybe use carts I suppose on the lowest settings, but then again the effects might not work.

  8. Feeling the same thing. My Klutch Whip It Luster is just not doing the trick. Usually I switch between Klutch luster and Firelands 510’s and I think that helps but I might be all suggestion / placebo

  9. I’ve been doing an experiment with all pods … and with what I’ve found it doesn’t matter what pod you have or even the battery(butterfly or shiny battery)….. if the pod gets warm while in the battery and it’s in your pocket you’re losing juice. I don’t know if it’s your body heat plus being warm in your pocket which is causing the pod to get warm and release vapor smell like you’re hitting it from your pocket. I even left my regular free base vape with juice in a warm spot and all my juice evaporated out and my truck smelled like someone was vaping all day in it. Maybe best to keep pods at home or away from direct heat while traveling with it. ( sorry for the long post)

  10. I only occasionally use marijuana concentrates. I used tinctures, vapes & wax when I first joined the program & it ruined using flower for me so I backed off using concentrate for a bit. Some of the concentration consumption methods are bizarre & look similar to illegal drug use. I use flower for my pain and it works wonderfully. I just don't like being messed up all the time so that's why I don't use concentrates. Good luck.

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