Opened my cherry mintz live resin luster pod from certified only to find the oil in the mouthpiece. I tried to puff it a few times and it just kept getting worse. I put it back in the pack and opened it the next day to it gone. I understand there are faulty so hopefully they reach back out to me.

  1. I laughed at that one. That’s funny. I guess I should include the packaging with oil all inside that way you sir believe me lol

  2. Have you contacted the store you bought it from? I had this problem with a few 510’s I bought from The Botanist and they refunded my money.

  3. I’m in NE Ohio. I float between Herbology, The Botanist and Gleaf. But the people that work at the Botanist now are kind rude.

  4. I’ve always been strictly flower but with my new job I’ve had to switch it up. I seen the reviews how much better they were but I started with carts. BR live resin and it was great but I wanted to try the lusters. The klutch live resins are great but they do seem to burn faster then the 510s. Then I had this happen. I think it’s back to the 510s for me.

  5. They probably won’t. Wont even respond cause how many refunds they’ve done on these. I just stopped buying them and firelands tbh cause they both burned me and never responded in chat.

  6. Same here...haven’t bought a certified product since and refuse to until I get a response which I’m sure I won’t. Only Fireland’s I’ll still buy is the 2.5g rosin Kara since it’s legit cheaper than I can get it for on the BM

  7. Can we please push Pax pods they just came out with diamond pods in Cali. Come one the battery comes with an app and Temps as low as 400 if I'm not mistaken.

  8. That would be dope. My buddy has tried the brand they just came out with the HTFSP carts or they look like rosin pods from Michigan. He loves them and knows his shit. I haven’t even tried a pax. Have a battery just have found what I like. Would be cool to see more stuff but we are getting there.

  9. hey op, i just happened to see your post before i made my own. opened this pod last night and it is absolutely unusable, i tried forever to clean the oil out of the mouthpiece but it made no difference.

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