Pain Management with MMJ

  1. Pain management Drs. seem to be getting on board with the program. THC may be reducing opioid usage with some would be my guess.

  2. Some PM doctors can't prescribe opioids simply because of the hospital system that they work for. I have a PM doc like this under UH Hosp Sys., I can get injections or muscle relaxers but no narcotics while I have my MMJ license, I was told that if I gave it up I could have opioids, I'm sticking with the cannabis for now.

  3. I am so glad I canceled my appointment with University Hospitals pain management. I didn't know that they weren't on board with MMJ and narcotics being used together. What Gabapentin does to you is what medical marijuana does to me. I can't function and I can't remember what I'm doing and why throughout the day. I can function on narcotics and not feel "high" - I just feel like a functioning person without pain and fatigue. I used to take Tramadol over 5 years ago for pain but it made me very sick to my stomach. Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen does the same. A patch would probably work since it bypasses the digestive tract. My problem is that I don't know how to get what I want without sounding suspicious. I haven't done any "illicit drug" my entire life and I don't know what I'm up against with these doctors.

  4. I had a friend who went to PM, and initially they wanted to refuse her because of her recommendation. She contacted her MMJ doctor and they changed her recommendation from “chronic pain” to “PTSD” to appease her PM doctor.

  5. Good idea. My recommendation is for the same as your friend. If I have issues, I can see if they'll remove the chronic pain from the recommendation.

  6. I’m also on gabapentin, and use marijuana for pain management. Prior to having a microdiscectomy in April, I was never drug tested by my pain docs. I got the referral from my ortho doc, and had several epidural injections in my spine without issue.

  7. My PM doctor prescribed me gabapinten and referred me for my MMJ card. She also offers other treatments, injections, that I declined.

  8. CBN helps take the edge off of the pain. If you take the 5mg ones it has just enough thc to activate the CBN and it won’t be intoxicating so you can function during the day. Cake,cookies and grape 🍇 🥧, Doughlato crosses seem to help as well. Good luck!

  9. My pain management team prescribes my pain pills. They also don't work as well for me. I got my card the same month as you. It took me almost a year to find decent relief. Everything would only work for so long. Found out I have a very high tolerance ( also why pains pills only help half hour, not worth the side effects most of the time). I really wish there was a better system and more help out there. I've had to turn to reddit for most of my help through my journey. I'm now to the point I'm getting nerve blocks every three months. Ultimately it's your decision and money. I would definitely reach out to a pain management person. You are your best advocate.

  10. Look for a pain management physician with his own private practice NOT within a hospital network. I am a OHIO mmj Patient, and am also on opioids. Typically physicians within a hospital network don’t utilize both it’s either one or the other. Even Gabapentin and Lyrica is being scrutinized due to people mixing them with opioids. If you are intolerant to opioids, have severe nerve pain, and fatigue I would look into a medication by the name of “Belbuca”. Belbuca is low dose Buprenorphine Film that comes in: 75, 150, 300, 450, 600, 750, and 900MCG. This version of Buprenorphine is indicated for severe, round the clock pain. Although an opioid, it is a partial agonist. This medication is used for chronic pain (at low doses) and OUD (at high doses).

  11. It’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but CBG has helped me a lot with pain management. It’s similar to CBD but I find it to be far more effective at pain relief than CBD. There’s no psychoactive effects with it

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