is this airopod considered defective? it's the second one I've had like this and I feel like it affects the draw as there are gaps in the gasket where it's folded. not sure if it's fixable?

  1. I would say yes it's defective for sure! Get in touch with the company or dispo and see what they can do.. or just find a way to block the gap.

  2. That shit aint right def should be sealed I'd contact the company since most dispos claim there hands are tied cuz it's medicine and the pharmacy won't take pills back so they can't bullshit send pic of the reciept the defective product and the package with your label on it and they should give you a refund.

  3. Get in contact with the cultivator (Buckeye Relief). Email them your problem and attach a picture along with it and you should receive a refund. If they don’t get back with you pester them! They will eventually

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