Nausea Problem

  1. Many times morning nausea is due to overnight reflux (don’t have anything in stomach during sleep) or conversely due to an empty stomach and morning low blood sugar (so eat in AM first thing). Don’t take any meds without food in AM. You may need to pick up some over the counter meclizine to combat this nausea until it subsides hopefully in a few days.

  2. My morning nausea was caused by sinus drainage overnight, I take an allergy pill before bed and I’m good now. I hope it’s this simple for OP

  3. I very much doubt it’s CHS I would talk to your doctor about this if possible. CHS is extremely rare and over diagnosed and typically only appears in people that smoke all day everyday for multiple years.

  4. Yeah, def not CHS. If they're going through 2.83g over 2 weeks, that's only .20g a day, which is basically microdosing. This person sounds like they have a different underlying medical issue.

  5. I get this anytime I go back to distillates in vape oil and edibles. When I stick with flower only nausea is never a problem. I decided to try edibles again (after a 6 month break) and just took a few days and the morning nausea was back again. Same has happened when I use vape oil for a couple days because flower wasn't an option like when traveling. Took me a couple of similar breaks to figure it out. The only edible I can tolerate is Beneleaves Entourage Effect Capsules at night. I assume it's the added cbg that fights off the nausea that allows me to tolerate them. But throw in a daytime edible or a day of vape oil and the nausea comes back.

  6. I occasionally get nauseous from cannabis as well. My first thought, since you state it happens with both carts and flower, is that the vapor mixing with your saliva is making it's way into your stomach. It doesn't sound like you're a smoker (cigs), but I get a similar sensation from both cigarettes and cannabis products occasionally.

  7. Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, you have to stop smoking and take a break or you’ll just keep getting sicker. Hot showers are the only temporary relief from this syndrome. Sorry.

  8. I've had it happen on more than one occasion when vaping, seemingly completely random. But, I also have some stomach-related issues, so I chalk it up to the combination. Doesn't seem to occur with edibles though. Something to consider as an alternative.

  9. Since you say you’re getting nauseous immediately after medicating but still derive benefits from it, I’d say you may want to reconsider your delivery method or change the strains you select. I also suffer from nausea issues and have found that some anxiety-producing strains, especially some of the more potent sativas, also induce nausea in me. Your experience may be different, but I tend to prefer the mid-hybrids, what I call “4:20” blends, like the many Sherbert and Cake flower or extract hybrids to find quick nausea relief. Sometimes a heavier couch-lock indica can boomerang and actually make me feel much worse.

  10. I recently had chs I was dabbing ,edibles and flower I don’t think it’s that. For a lil nausea came from smoking and I knew it. Wasn’t that hard to get rid of. But now I’m paranoid about it.

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